If the temperature rises above 80 degrees, I start drawing imaginary islands with cool blue water and travel there in my mind.

Trek on my brain over the weekend. Punch it!

Hi! Do you think you'll be doing another print run of the "Adopt don't shop" tshirts? They'd be perfect just in time for the Easter rush of people dumbly buying rabbits!

I have good news and bad news. We WILL be offering the shirt again on a permanent basis starting next month through cottontailstudios.org, a new venture my wife and I are starting. The bad news is they will not be available again in time for Easter.

You can, however, pick up one of our new limited edition “You’re Nobody Until Somebunny Loves You” tees here in the meantime.

At least 50% of all proceeds from Cottontail Studios goes to help worthy shelter bunnies - and shelters need the extra support around Easter!